The LEAP story began in 2012 as an awards ceremony to recognize property management partners’ sustainability achievements and drive innovation and competition. Since then, the LEAP Conference was added in 2015 to convene senior representatives from management partner companies and industry experts to discuss leading sustainability topics and form new relationships.

In 2020 the world was hit with a pandemic that affected us all. While the in-person event was cancelled, the Awards ceremony was still held virtually.

Fast forward to 2021. While we are still unable to gather in person, we are excited to host the LEAP Awards virtually again this year, celebrating ten years of accomplishments and continuing to honour the outstanding sustainability achievements and leadership of management teams and tenants in HOOPP’s portfolio.

In addition, we are happy to say the LEAP Forward pitch will return as part of this year’s virtual event. LEAP Forward sees teams pitch sustainability ideas to a panel of HOOPP judges who pick a winner for investment and implementation.

While the focus of LEAP this year will be the Awards and LEAP Forward, we will also be highlighting our greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction strategy. At its core LEAP is about driving sustainability action. As we implement our most ambitious GHG target to date LEAP will become a critical opportunity to engage with our managers to ensure a successful rollout.


LEAP Vision Statement

LEAP empowers, educates, connects and rewards HOOPP Real Estate’s partners to inspire action around sustainability and environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues more broadly that drives portfolio returns and accelerates the adoption of leading sustainability practices.

The LEAP vision is supported by five goals:

  1. Elevate the business case for sustainability
    LEAP educates partner companies’ senior-level representatives on how sustainability creates value and encourages them to action sustainability in their portfolios on behalf of HOOPP to improve returns and reduce risks.
  2. Recognize sustainability leadership and achievements
    HOOPP created the LEAP Awards to recognize and encourage property management teams’ sustainability efforts and customer collaboration.
  3. Identify and incubate innovative ideas
    The LEAP Awards and LEAP Forward innovation pitch highlight current exemplary projects and identify new pioneering ideas to improve HOOPP properties’ sustainability and business performance.
  4. Create a forum and network to share sustainability practices among companies
    LEAP connects people at HOOPP’s management companies to stimulate idea exchange and accelerate the transfer of leading practices from one company to another.
  5. Demonstrate leadership in Responsible Investing
    LEAP supports HOOPP’s six PRI commitments and promotes responsible investment in real estate.

HOOPP’s management partners value HOOPP’s efforts to educate them on leading sustainability topics and provide an opportunity to meet colleagues from other companies.